marketing flyers ideas

People have been advertising with flyers and brochures for centuries, and this type of marketing remains an effective way to get your brand message to a wide audience. When you have compelling marketing flyers ideas and know how to get your message into the right hands, you can maximize response rates and bring new customers to your business or event.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA):

• 89 percent of consumers remember getting a flyer
• 45 percent keep flyers visible in their homes
• As many as 79 percent keep or share flyers they receive
• Up to 48 percent respond to calls to action on flyers

Response rates differ by industry, but high-quality flyers with professional layouts and eye-catching designs have the potential to connect with hundreds or even thousands of customers.



Benefits of Flyers

There’s something captivating about a well-designed flyer. People are drawn to stop and pick up marketing materials or look at announcements on community boards. In a world where being constantly bombarded by marketing messages is the norm, flyers may seem less “in your face.”

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower visibility. Because flyers are one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, you can order thousands at a time without maxing out your marketing budget. Distribution doesn’t take long with the help of a dedicated team, and consumers often respond faster to flyers than to other types of print ads.


Designing Effective Flyers for Marketing

While it’s helpful to just use flyer design templates, it’s also important to make sure it stands out so it will make an impact like no other brand does. The types of flyers you use should be sized and laid out in whatever way is most appropriate for your campaign. While a small flyer may be all you need to generate excitement about an upcoming product launch, announcing a big event like a grand opening is more effective with a full-page flyer.

Start with a plan and a purpose for your campaign. Trying to put too much information on a flyer can make it difficult to highlight the most important points. Write your marketing copy with your purpose in mind before beginning your design. If you find you have more copy than will fit on a flyer, consider using a folded brochure instead.

Use available space wisely. Focus on simple style with a maximum of two fonts and just a handful of colors. Official brand colors make the best template because customers can more easily associate the flyer with your business at a glance.

Break up information into columns or sections so that customers’ eyes naturally travel to the points you want them to notice. Create a visual flow using images your target audience identifies with, and remember to include your logo. Place contact information in a prominent spot to encourage customers to follow up. With these useful flyer design tips, you should be able to maximize the potentials of using flyers in marketing your brand.


The Most Effective Ways to Distribute Flyers

When it comes to choosing the best places to put flyers, these time-tested methods are still the best:

• Door-to-door distribution
• “Hand-to-hand” street distribution in busy areas
• Direct mailings
• Local publications
• Leaving stacks in relevant public places
• Displaying flyers on community boards or announcement boards

To ensure the highest level of visibility, time your distribution so that your flyers aren’t crowded by a flood of other advertisements. Even the best marketing flyers ideas won’t make much of an impact if they’re buried among stacks of ads. Choose areas where you know your ideal customers live, work and visit. The better you target your audience, the more successful your campaign will be.

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