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Warm Your Customers’ Hearts This Valentine’s Day With Bulk Mailing

The holidays are the perfect time to offer special discounts and deals on your products and services. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may consider putting together an entire package of printed items for customers. Bulk mail allows you to easily distribute information about your company to everyone in your customer base.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, bulk mail makes it easy to let all of your customers know you care. Whether you want to send out flyers, postcards or brochures, Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion for sending paper mail to everyone on your list.


How Can Bulk Mailing Help Your Business?

Bulk mailing offers several benefits that you won’t get by sending hundreds of mailers out on your own. If you want to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, using a bulk mailing service or buying bulk mailing products can help in the following ways.

  1. The biggest benefit of sending mail in bulk is that it is cost-efficient. Paper mail is more expensive to distribute than electronic mail, but sending out bulk mail will reduce your cost per piece and save your business money.
  2. Using bulk mail products and services also saves time. As a business owner, you know time is money. The precious time you would spend packaging and shipping each mailer could be used to develop other parts of your business. Using a bulk mail service allows you to outsource busy work so you can home in on what matters most and focus on your skill set.
  3. Another advantage of bulk mail is that it allows you to send out messages to your prospective and existing customers. Once you’ve designed your mailer and formulated the copy, using a bulk mailing service is the easiest way to quickly get the word out about your brand. Bulk mail will help you build brand awareness in no time.
  4. You may be wondering why you should send out paper mailers instead of bulk mailing via email. If you really want to get your prospect’s attention, a beautifully crafted mailer is a better bet, especially on a holiday. Many people still enjoy receiving paper mail, so don’t underestimate the impact it can have on your business. Bulk emails tend to land in junk folders or are never opened.


Which Type of Mailer Should You Send?

The type of mailer you send makes just as much of an impact as what’s printed on it. Whether you want to send simple postcards or detailed catalogs, sending them in bulk is the most cost-efficient and time-saving way to go about it.

Postcards: These are perfect for a quick “hello” and special offer. An eye-catching image paired with a short and sweet message places your brand in the front of the customer’s mind. You can include a few details about any promotions your business is running on a postcard.

Flyers: If the message you want to send is too long to fit on a postcard, you can never go wrong with flyers. Flyers are the tried-and-true direct mail medium. They provide plenty of space to include compelling graphics and persuasive copy. Sending out flyers in bulk is one of the best ways to reach the hearts of customers.

Tri-fold brochures: If you need to break up your message into several parts, a tri-fold brochure may serve your business better than a flyer. Lightweight and sleek, brochures can help educate your customers about your services by giving them a brief overview of what you have to offer while also telling them your company’s unique story and helping you stand out from competitors.

Magazines/catalogs: If you really want to impress your customers, sending out a magazine or catalog is sure to get their attention. The weight of this type of mailer makes it difficult to ignore, and the recipient will enjoy flipping through it to check out your products. If you want to showcase your latest product collections, sending out a bulk mailing of catalogs is the best way to inform your customers about what’s hot in your store.


Spreading Brand Awareness

Mailing in bulk makes spreading brand awareness more convenient. It also allows you to save time and money without compromising on the quality of the message you are sending out to your customer base.

If you want to send high-quality postcards, flyers, brochures or catalogs to your customers this Valentine’s Day, Copy Bargain can help you distribute beautiful mailers to everyone on your list in a timely manner.

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Promoting Your Company Through Earth Hour-Themed Flyers

Earth Hour-Themed Flyers

Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March as a climate change initiative. The event is organized by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. All lights are turned off for a one-hour period starting at 8:30 p.m. in each local time zone. Earth Hour is meant to show community awareness and promote a push toward reducing human impact on the environment through a reduction in excess energy use.

It’s a fun way to become connected to friends and neighbors who are like-minded in support of continual efforts to improve the planet and reduce carbon footprints. The energy saved is small on an individual level, but the combined force of millions of people participating makes a measurable impact. Earth Hour can also be a great opportunity to showcase your business as one that is eco-friendly. Earth Hour-themed flyers will promote both your company’s brand and the importance of being good environmental stewards.


Benefits of Pushing Earth Hour-Branded Flyers

The sheer number of people who are interested in environmental topics and demonstrate concern about climate change grows daily. Anyone with deep-rooted beliefs that small changes matter will be interested in participating in the one-hour lights-out event. Placing your company name and information on flyers alerting to this event is a great way to tap into a large audience.

Not only are you getting expanded exposure of your business to a buying public, but it also shows every individual who reads your flyers that you care about and are aware of the environmental problems plaguing the planet. It also shows that you want to be a part of the solution. Your business will be viewed as being on the right side of the issue.

Potential customers will find increased value in your goods or services by knowing that you care about your community and the planet and are interested in securing stability for future generations. It can open your business to a whole segment of the population that might not have otherwise given your company a second glance.


Customize Flyer Size and Use Environmentally Themed Designs

At Copy Bargain, we can help you with your flyer design and print needs. Choose whether you want a glossy finish or designs on both sides of your flyers. Customize the size of your flyers by choosing from dimensions such as 8.5 x 11 inches, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, or 4.25 x 5.5 inches to best suit your desired delivery needs and budget. Make sure you choose flyers with enough space to get the necessary information out about Earth Hour, demonstrate why it’s important to participate, and provide details about how to contact your company.

You can use templates and upload your own design or have it done professionally by us at a bargain price. Go with an environmental theme that fits your particular area. Use a backdrop of mountains, lakes, ocean views, grassy hills, or whatever naturally beautiful features your local area has and is in need of protecting. The undeniable draw of your local pitch to care about the scenic beauty and ecosystem that surrounds potential customers will get your business noticed.

The use of brilliant colors and an invitation to take part in a simple way will prove appealing in getting positive attention for your brand. You can capture the attention of those who want to help in the cause to combat climate change but are unsure of how to go about being any real help.


How to Best Get Your Flyers in Front of the Public

Smaller flyers can be sent out in the mail along with other promotions your company has going on within local communities. Flyers can also be sent along with company invoices or receipts. You can hand them out at local charity events and fundraisers as well.

Check with your local utility company, water service, hospitals, clinics, colleges, and libraries to see if you can place the flyers near checkout counters and information areas for people to pick up and read at their leisure. A well-done flyer will capture their attention as they stand and wait for service.

Talk to the owners and managers of businesses that are centered around health and wellness improvement like yoga studios, fitness centers, martial arts studios, vitamin shops, and health food stores. Most of these types of businesses should give you some counter space for your flyers. You can also try any businesses that get heavy foot traffic and see if you can place the larger flyers in the windows for people to read. Include your business name, address, phone number, and website on each flyer in a font that is bold and easy to read.

Give people in your community an added reason to check out your products or services this Earth Hour with promo flyers made simply and affordably at Copy Bargain.


The Best Places to Put Flyers: To Relieve Boredom

best places to put flyers

No one likes sitting around or standing around doing nothing. The human mind craves stimulation. Often, however, there are places that force us to kill time with nothing much else to do. The best places to put flyers are those where people are bored. You could design the most eye-catching flyer color schemes and pack your flyer with the most engaging materials and products imaginable, but if you put them in the lobby of a movie theater, no one will notice.


The Places


  1. The Bus Stop

Many people commute, and especially in large cities with effective mass-transit systems, those people rarely drive. When the buses are late, you might be waiting upward of a half hour for one to arrive, especially if you ran for the last one and missed it. As you wait for the next one, you take in the surroundings. If there are interesting flyer ads on the wall of the bus stop shelter, you can pass the time reading them.


  1. The Checkout Counter

You take pride in your employees’ efficiency, but during busy times, a line will form. People standing in line need something to occupy their attention, and grabbing a flyer about your latest promotion is an easy solution. Make sure the flyers you place at your checkout counters are easily noticeable and with a clear message. In other words, seize the opportunity to show what you offer and can do to your captivate audience. Remember, getting noticed by bored people is the most effective way to distribute flyers.


  1. The Post Office

We’ve all said, “I’ll mail this registered letter on my way to work,” and then noticed the 10-person lineup at the post office. If your well-crafted and attention-grabbing flyer is within reach or sight, then that person has something to read while waiting.


  1. The Laundromat

Although there is no line here, doing laundry means you’re going to be there for at least 90 minutes while you wash and dry. At the laundromat, you’re begging for things to capture your attention. Take the opportunity many won’t think of and promote your business at the same time. People at the laundromat will welcome the chance to read your flyer instead of the ingredients list on their detergent bottles.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

If you look only at the number of leads compared to flyers distributed, it might seem that flyers aren’t good for marketing. That’s not true, however. First, flyers don’t take much time to distribute, helping you spread your message without physically interacting with anyone. Even if the number of leads they generate isn’t a high percentage, though, the people who do respond do so right away. Flyers also let you show off your creativity. Lastly, some demographics respond well to the more traditional forms of marketing such as flyers because they remind them of the days when everything wasn’t in-your-face digital; flyers are undeniably tangible.


If you utilize the best places to put flyers, they’re the easiest way to generate leads in your marketing arsenal. Even better, they’re fun to make, and they allow you to distribute your brand message and company philosophy. Copy Bargain is available to help you customize and print some up for you. Give us a call to find out more.

The Best Places to Put Flyers Are Golden Properties

Best Places to Put Flyers

When it comes to marketing, the first thing they tell everyone is location, location and location. When you don’t have the type of business that is designed for high-overhead golden property locations, piggybacking on their success is the ideal solution. The reason why location is so important is that customers like convenience. Golden properties are the best places to put flyers because they attract high volumes of prospective customers who are receptive to buying. When your prospective customers are already in a shopping mode, they will show more interest in eye-catching products or services offered on flyers. It’s especially true if the service you provide or the product you sell solves an obscure problem that a specific class of people commonly face.


What Types of Golden Properties Work for Your Business?

When it comes to golden properties, you want to offer a convenient service or product in a location where you can logically expect the most need. For example, when people fly to different countries, their cellphone carriers rarely provide international coverage. The immediate solution that everyone desires is a SIM card that will allow them to use their unlocked mobile phone or a disposable prepaid phone that works. If you are in the cellphone business, then airports, bus stops, taxis and any of the intermediate locations used by people when traveling are prime locations for flyers.


How Do You Ensure Sales After Your Flyers Are Taken?

The benefits of flyers are manifold but not without limits. Even if you know how to hand out flyers effectively at golden property locations that solve a problem for the classes of people who frequent them, you still have to seal the deal by making it more convenient to obtain your product or service over a competitor’s. The types of flyers that indicate directions to an online website or brand kiosk for easy access to points of sale can make your flyer campaign irresistible.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

Again, the secret to marketing is convenience. McDonald’s would not be the franchise superpower it is today without drive-thru service. Domino’s Pizza would have gone out of business ages ago if it didn’t deliver rapidly. When you look at how these companies use flyers as a reminder and incentive to reorder again, by using limited-time offer coupons and trademark colors that make them easy to locate, it is plain to see that flyers are highly effective for marketing when executed properly.


What Is an Example of a Flyer for an Event?

Events are about selling the group experience. If you are able to bandwagon an event by using photos of the type of crowd you would like to show up, this gives prospective attendees an instant idea of whether it is a social club they’d like to join. If you have photos of the crowds who attended your previous event or another event of this type, a picture speaks a thousand words and sells the group experience without information overload. Using bright and fun colors to highlight where the event is being held and any pertinent directions and dates to make it simple is a must.

The best places to put flyers are in the hands of prospective clients at golden properties who have a general tendency to want your type of products or services. When it comes to designing the right types of flyers and obtaining the benefits of flyers, Copy Bargain can help you think outside the box to adapt campaigns for the client’s convenience.

The Best Marketing Flyers Ideas for Effective Campaigns

marketing flyers ideas

People have been advertising with flyers and brochures for centuries, and this type of marketing remains an effective way to get your brand message to a wide audience. When you have compelling marketing flyers ideas and know how to get your message into the right hands, you can maximize response rates and bring new customers to your business or event.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA):

• 89 percent of consumers remember getting a flyer
• 45 percent keep flyers visible in their homes
• As many as 79 percent keep or share flyers they receive
• Up to 48 percent respond to calls to action on flyers

Response rates differ by industry, but high-quality flyers with professional layouts and eye-catching designs have the potential to connect with hundreds or even thousands of customers.



Benefits of Flyers

There’s something captivating about a well-designed flyer. People are drawn to stop and pick up marketing materials or look at announcements on community boards. In a world where being constantly bombarded by marketing messages is the norm, flyers may seem less “in your face.”

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower visibility. Because flyers are one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, you can order thousands at a time without maxing out your marketing budget. Distribution doesn’t take long with the help of a dedicated team, and consumers often respond faster to flyers than to other types of print ads.


Designing Effective Flyers for Marketing

While it’s helpful to just use flyer design templates, it’s also important to make sure it stands out so it will make an impact like no other brand does. The types of flyers you use should be sized and laid out in whatever way is most appropriate for your campaign. While a small flyer may be all you need to generate excitement about an upcoming product launch, announcing a big event like a grand opening is more effective with a full-page flyer.

Start with a plan and a purpose for your campaign. Trying to put too much information on a flyer can make it difficult to highlight the most important points. Write your marketing copy with your purpose in mind before beginning your design. If you find you have more copy than will fit on a flyer, consider using a folded brochure instead.

Use available space wisely. Focus on simple style with a maximum of two fonts and just a handful of colors. Official brand colors make the best template because customers can more easily associate the flyer with your business at a glance.

Break up information into columns or sections so that customers’ eyes naturally travel to the points you want them to notice. Create a visual flow using images your target audience identifies with, and remember to include your logo. Place contact information in a prominent spot to encourage customers to follow up. With these useful flyer design tips, you should be able to maximize the potentials of using flyers in marketing your brand.


The Most Effective Ways to Distribute Flyers

When it comes to choosing the best places to put flyers, these time-tested methods are still the best:

• Door-to-door distribution
• “Hand-to-hand” street distribution in busy areas
• Direct mailings
• Local publications
• Leaving stacks in relevant public places
• Displaying flyers on community boards or announcement boards

To ensure the highest level of visibility, time your distribution so that your flyers aren’t crowded by a flood of other advertisements. Even the best marketing flyers ideas won’t make much of an impact if they’re buried among stacks of ads. Choose areas where you know your ideal customers live, work and visit. The better you target your audience, the more successful your campaign will be.

When you need high-quality flyers and brochures for your next marketing campaign, Copy Bargain can deliver your custom order fast so that you can reach more customers with your brand’s message.

3 Types of Flyers for Effective Marketing

Types of Flyers

Even if you specialize in online internet marketing, experts know that it’s risky to focus only on one advertising medium. Using brochures and various types of flyers to hand out to customers and other prospects is a fast, immediate-impact strategy. It’s powerful and personal.

If you’re asking yourself “Do flyers work?”, the answer is flyers work every time, and they’re irreplaceable. Flyers give your business credibility in the sense that people expect companies and organizations to have printed material. They are also time-saving due to the fact that people ask for the brochures and flyers to take away and read at their leisure.


What Are the 3 Main Types of Flyers in the Marketing Industry?

1. First, we have the flyer ads promoting limited-time discounts and sale advertisements. These flyers emphasize the information rather than the design. All information is concise and easy-to-read thanks to highly legible fonts. What should a flyer include to promote a special sale? They should have the contact details, product details and prices in bold colors. An image of what you’re selling is also a must.

2. Corporate flyers to promote brand awareness pack in a lot of content while maintaining a clean look. Choose flyer color schemes in more neutral tones. With these types of flyers, designers use a balanced grid to position the page elements. For instance, what should a flyer include if you like a flat design for corporate purposes? Work flyers should have company logos, contact details and photos of your signature product or service.

3. Photo-centric flyers are best for promoting network-building through events. They incorporate flyer color schemes with attention-seeking vibes like you might see for marketing nightclubs. How do you know what to put on a flyer for an event? It’s easy. Start by using bright and inviting color schemes. In a good example of a flyer for an event, the people viewing the flyer should be able to mentally go to the event and imagine what the event experience would feel like when they look at it.

Determine what to put on a flyer for an event by considering the special aspects of your location and the theme of your event. Choose photos that showcase these elements. Ultimately, the question of what to put on a flyer for an event is totally up to you, and you have the freedom to choose any relevant image that excites your potential audience.


What’s the Most Effective Way to Distribute Flyers?

In general, you’ll know how to hand out flyers effectively if you ask yourself “If I wanted to get this flyer, where would I look for information like this?”

Talk to other business owners to get permission to place flyers in complementary locations. For example, if you’re advertising a concert, you could put your flyers in a coffee shop that also hosts live musicians on the weekends. Some of the best places to distribute flyers are places that you pass by every day.

You might hang the flyers in bus stops where people often stand idly. Another trick for how to hand out flyers effectively is to leave them near checkout counters, laundromats and reception areas where customers wait for a long time. These places are just like bus stops. People waiting will read them even if it’s just to kill boredom.

If you’re looking for flyers that really stand out, the designers at Copy Bargain can help. We offer professional designs and rapid turnarounds for your convenience. If you’d like to learn more about the various types of flyers we offer, contact us today.

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