Best Places to Put Flyers

When it comes to marketing, the first thing they tell everyone is location, location and location. When you don’t have the type of business that is designed for high-overhead golden property locations, piggybacking on their success is the ideal solution. The reason why location is so important is that customers like convenience. Golden properties are the best places to put flyers because they attract high volumes of prospective customers who are receptive to buying. When your prospective customers are already in a shopping mode, they will show more interest in eye-catching products or services offered on flyers. It’s especially true if the service you provide or the product you sell solves an obscure problem that a specific class of people commonly face.


What Types of Golden Properties Work for Your Business?

When it comes to golden properties, you want to offer a convenient service or product in a location where you can logically expect the most need. For example, when people fly to different countries, their cellphone carriers rarely provide international coverage. The immediate solution that everyone desires is a SIM card that will allow them to use their unlocked mobile phone or a disposable prepaid phone that works. If you are in the cellphone business, then airports, bus stops, taxis and any of the intermediate locations used by people when traveling are prime locations for flyers.


How Do You Ensure Sales After Your Flyers Are Taken?

The benefits of flyers are manifold but not without limits. Even if you know how to hand out flyers effectively at golden property locations that solve a problem for the classes of people who frequent them, you still have to seal the deal by making it more convenient to obtain your product or service over a competitor’s. The types of flyers that indicate directions to an online website or brand kiosk for easy access to points of sale can make your flyer campaign irresistible.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

Again, the secret to marketing is convenience. McDonald’s would not be the franchise superpower it is today without drive-thru service. Domino’s Pizza would have gone out of business ages ago if it didn’t deliver rapidly. When you look at how these companies use flyers as a reminder and incentive to reorder again, by using limited-time offer coupons and trademark colors that make them easy to locate, it is plain to see that flyers are highly effective for marketing when executed properly.


What Is an Example of a Flyer for an Event?

Events are about selling the group experience. If you are able to bandwagon an event by using photos of the type of crowd you would like to show up, this gives prospective attendees an instant idea of whether it is a social club they’d like to join. If you have photos of the crowds who attended your previous event or another event of this type, a picture speaks a thousand words and sells the group experience without information overload. Using bright and fun colors to highlight where the event is being held and any pertinent directions and dates to make it simple is a must.

The best places to put flyers are in the hands of prospective clients at golden properties who have a general tendency to want your type of products or services. When it comes to designing the right types of flyers and obtaining the benefits of flyers, Copy Bargain can help you think outside the box to adapt campaigns for the client’s convenience.