best places to put flyers

No one likes sitting around or standing around doing nothing. The human mind craves stimulation. Often, however, there are places that force us to kill time with nothing much else to do. The best places to put flyers are those where people are bored. You could design the most eye-catching flyer color schemes and pack your flyer with the most engaging materials and products imaginable, but if you put them in the lobby of a movie theater, no one will notice.


The Places


  1. The Bus Stop

Many people commute, and especially in large cities with effective mass-transit systems, those people rarely drive. When the buses are late, you might be waiting upward of a half hour for one to arrive, especially if you ran for the last one and missed it. As you wait for the next one, you take in the surroundings. If there are interesting flyer ads on the wall of the bus stop shelter, you can pass the time reading them.


  1. The Checkout Counter

You take pride in your employees’ efficiency, but during busy times, a line will form. People standing in line need something to occupy their attention, and grabbing a flyer about your latest promotion is an easy solution. Make sure the flyers you place at your checkout counters are easily noticeable and with a clear message. In other words, seize the opportunity to show what you offer and can do to your captivate audience. Remember, getting noticed by bored people is the most effective way to distribute flyers.


  1. The Post Office

We’ve all said, “I’ll mail this registered letter on my way to work,” and then noticed the 10-person lineup at the post office. If your well-crafted and attention-grabbing flyer is within reach or sight, then that person has something to read while waiting.


  1. The Laundromat

Although there is no line here, doing laundry means you’re going to be there for at least 90 minutes while you wash and dry. At the laundromat, you’re begging for things to capture your attention. Take the opportunity many won’t think of and promote your business at the same time. People at the laundromat will welcome the chance to read your flyer instead of the ingredients list on their detergent bottles.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

If you look only at the number of leads compared to flyers distributed, it might seem that flyers aren’t good for marketing. That’s not true, however. First, flyers don’t take much time to distribute, helping you spread your message without physically interacting with anyone. Even if the number of leads they generate isn’t a high percentage, though, the people who do respond do so right away. Flyers also let you show off your creativity. Lastly, some demographics respond well to the more traditional forms of marketing such as flyers because they remind them of the days when everything wasn’t in-your-face digital; flyers are undeniably tangible.


If you utilize the best places to put flyers, they’re the easiest way to generate leads in your marketing arsenal. Even better, they’re fun to make, and they allow you to distribute your brand message and company philosophy. Copy Bargain is available to help you customize and print some up for you. Give us a call to find out more.