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Warm Your Customers’ Hearts This Valentine’s Day With Bulk Mailing

The holidays are the perfect time to offer special discounts and deals on your products and services. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may consider putting together an entire package of printed items for customers. Bulk mail allows you to easily distribute information about your company to everyone in your customer base.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, bulk mail makes it easy to let all of your customers know you care. Whether you want to send out flyers, postcards or brochures, Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion for sending paper mail to everyone on your list.


How Can Bulk Mailing Help Your Business?

Bulk mailing offers several benefits that you won’t get by sending hundreds of mailers out on your own. If you want to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, using a bulk mailing service or buying bulk mailing products can help in the following ways.

  1. The biggest benefit of sending mail in bulk is that it is cost-efficient. Paper mail is more expensive to distribute than electronic mail, but sending out bulk mail will reduce your cost per piece and save your business money.
  2. Using bulk mail products and services also saves time. As a business owner, you know time is money. The precious time you would spend packaging and shipping each mailer could be used to develop other parts of your business. Using a bulk mail service allows you to outsource busy work so you can home in on what matters most and focus on your skill set.
  3. Another advantage of bulk mail is that it allows you to send out messages to your prospective and existing customers. Once you’ve designed your mailer and formulated the copy, using a bulk mailing service is the easiest way to quickly get the word out about your brand. Bulk mail will help you build brand awareness in no time.
  4. You may be wondering why you should send out paper mailers instead of bulk mailing via email. If you really want to get your prospect’s attention, a beautifully crafted mailer is a better bet, especially on a holiday. Many people still enjoy receiving paper mail, so don’t underestimate the impact it can have on your business. Bulk emails tend to land in junk folders or are never opened.


Which Type of Mailer Should You Send?

The type of mailer you send makes just as much of an impact as what’s printed on it. Whether you want to send simple postcards or detailed catalogs, sending them in bulk is the most cost-efficient and time-saving way to go about it.

Postcards: These are perfect for a quick “hello” and special offer. An eye-catching image paired with a short and sweet message places your brand in the front of the customer’s mind. You can include a few details about any promotions your business is running on a postcard.

Flyers: If the message you want to send is too long to fit on a postcard, you can never go wrong with flyers. Flyers are the tried-and-true direct mail medium. They provide plenty of space to include compelling graphics and persuasive copy. Sending out flyers in bulk is one of the best ways to reach the hearts of customers.

Tri-fold brochures: If you need to break up your message into several parts, a tri-fold brochure may serve your business better than a flyer. Lightweight and sleek, brochures can help educate your customers about your services by giving them a brief overview of what you have to offer while also telling them your company’s unique story and helping you stand out from competitors.

Magazines/catalogs: If you really want to impress your customers, sending out a magazine or catalog is sure to get their attention. The weight of this type of mailer makes it difficult to ignore, and the recipient will enjoy flipping through it to check out your products. If you want to showcase your latest product collections, sending out a bulk mailing of catalogs is the best way to inform your customers about what’s hot in your store.


Spreading Brand Awareness

Mailing in bulk makes spreading brand awareness more convenient. It also allows you to save time and money without compromising on the quality of the message you are sending out to your customer base.

If you want to send high-quality postcards, flyers, brochures or catalogs to your customers this Valentine’s Day, Copy Bargain can help you distribute beautiful mailers to everyone on your list in a timely manner.

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5 Ways Booklets and Brochures Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering if there’s any benefit in ordering booklets or brochures to spread your marketing message? Are there businesses out there still generating sales leads after ordering and distributing print media? You may be surprised by the answers to those questions. Check out five reasons why you should be using booklets and brochures as part of your marketing strategy.


1. Lots of Info in a Condensed Format

In today’s busy world, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to learn how to get right to the point in spreading their message. This is especially true for the cash-strapped companies who don’t have the budget or luxury of promoting their products or services in magazine ads or radio/television commercials.

The good news is that brochures are a time-tested, effective and cost-efficient method for getting right to the points of your marketing message.


2. Brochures Are Far More Portable

It’s also crucial for marketing media to be highly portable. Digital marketers understand that leading end-users to a website isn’t good enough anymore unless the landing page has been optimized for mobile device engagement.

While brochures can be scanned and uploaded to a website, they often aren’t optimized on traditional landing pages so that they can be properly read on mobile devices. That’s okay because physical copies are actually much easier to read and transport. Traditional brochures are only a little larger than mobile devices, and they’re a lot lighter.

This means that prospects who read brochures can pick them up and easily place them inside of purses, briefcases, laptop cases and traveling carry-on bags.


3. Multiple Means of Distribution

Unlike websites, booklets and brochures can be distributed through multiple means. Options include direct mailings into local communities, handouts at conferences and industry events and distributing booklets and brochures at malls or other public places. They can also be placed at strategic, high-traffic areas around office buildings.

Because they’re so lightweight, it’s easy to get them distributed quickly and directly.


4. Laser-focused Targeting

More expensive forms of media such as radio ads and television commercials often won’t target an audience so tightly because marketers are attempting to attract as many people as possible. To avoid alienating anyone, the message within these forms of media can feel a little broad.

If your business needs to watch its spending, then you probably can’t afford to target a wide audience. As a smaller business owner, you need to ensure that you’re hitting your prospecting targets as accurately as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you can convert a prospect into a customer as efficiently as possible.

This is why brochures and booklets work so well for small business owners. You know your product, service and brand better than anyone else. You know how to get your point across in a quick, targeted manner. Spreading your message within these cost-efficient forms of print media will ensure that you’re only following up on the type of leads that you want to talk to, instead of leads that you hope to convert.


5. More Engagement and Referrals

Think about the portability of brochures and booklets. Then think about how often you ask for referrals for your business. Did you know that when someone picks up one of your print marketing media placements, they’re acting as your marketing and referral team without even realizing it?

For example, say you place a stack of booklets on a display table. A few people pick up the booklets. They read them, and if they find value in what they read, they pass the media on to a friend or colleague. Even if they don’t read the message, they’ll leave the media in a strategic location that allows others to read and take interest in your marketing message. Before you know it, you’ll start receiving prospect calls from people who read your message thanks to second-hand distribution methods.

As you can see, even during the digital marketing era, it’s definitely worth your time and money to invest in booklets and brochures to spread your marketing message. They’re cost-effective and highly targeted, giving your business a much higher ROI than traditional marketing media.

If you’re thinking about spreading out your marketing message by using other forms of media, then consider fun things like branded stickers and business flyers. You can certainly stick to more traditional marketing media like business cards and notepads, too. Whatever form of marketing you choose, Copy Bargain can help.

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Try Colorful Advertising Brochures for Easter

Easter Brochure

With Easter just around the corner, you might be wondering how to take advantage of the holiday for your business’s marketing campaign. From rabbits to brightly colored chocolates, people love Easter. It’s a time to dress your best and celebrate new beginnings. What better way to reach out to your customers than by sending them an Easter Brochure talking about your company’s new beginnings?


 Advertise Your Sales

Businesses often have sales around holidays, encouraging people to go buy the items they need to celebrate or spend their time off checking out the deals. Easter brochures are a great way to let your customers know about holiday promotions and sales that might be going on for your business. You can include images of products for sale or add vouchers and coupon codes that are good up until the holiday.


 Tell Customers Your Story

On top of room for several images, like your brand logo, brochures offer a lot of space for text. You can include information about your business that you wouldn’t be able to fit on a postcard or an online ad. Consider telling your customers about your business’s goals and values. You can also fill it with the story of how your business came to be so that your potential customers feel a more personal connection to your company. Along with that, you can add contact information and URLs to your company’s website or social media accounts so that your potential customers know exactly where to find you when they need you.

If you offer specific services, brochures give you the room to talk about your specific services in detail so that your customers know exactly what to expect. You also can include photos of the products you sell, or you can show images of the services you offer.


 Get Your Information Out There

Brochures are convenient in that you can place them in a multitude of locations where they’ll grab the attention of potential customers. You can keep them in your store or office where your customers can grab them to hold onto for later, or you can keep them at your booth for trade shows and conventions to hand out to people passing by. You can also mail them out to customers on your mailing list. You can even print and mail your brochures all at once with Copy Bargain’s bulk mailing services, so you won’t have to mail them yourself or go through multiple companies.



 Customize Your Brochures

We at Copy Bargain offer lots of customization for your company’s brochures whether you’re a designer yourself and you know exactly what message you want to send or you’re looking for help to find a design that fits your business to a T. Our designers can help you get the exact look you’re going for. You can choose from three different style options:

  • The Tri-Fold – The tri-fold brochure offers six panels to fill up with information and images. The middle panel is a great place to highlight your main points or include an image that really stands out.
  • The Z-Fold – The z-fold brochure also offers six panels but folds out differently. This style offers a slightly more sophisticated look.
  • The Double Gatefold – The double gatefold offers eight panels to fill with information and is easy to fold back up and store.


You can also choose between two different coatings for your finished product. Aqueous coating is water-based and protects your brochures from curling and wrinkling. It also doesn’t yellow over time. You can also choose 100 LB UV coating, which makes for vivid, crisp images, resists rubbing, and offers high gloss.


 Take Advantage of Easter Imagery

During the Easter season, you’ll see a few common themes that you can pull from for your brochures. The bright and pastel colors associated with Easter can help make your brochures stand out and grab your customers’ attention. You can add vividly colored Easter eggs with bold, fun patterns to catch the eye.

Everyone loves cute animals, and you can choose to include bunnies, chicks, lambs, or other adorable critters to your brochures. People will be drawn to these furry creatures, which can lead them to reading the rest of your brochure and learning about your business.

Candy, such as marshmallow chicks or chocolate bunnies, is iconic during the Easter season, and the bright colors and packaging of these treats can also draw in your audience, especially if they’re hungry.

Easter brochures are a great way to get your business out there and draw your customers in while the holiday is already on their minds.

The Best Places to Put Flyers: To Relieve Boredom

best places to put flyers

No one likes sitting around or standing around doing nothing. The human mind craves stimulation. Often, however, there are places that force us to kill time with nothing much else to do. The best places to put flyers are those where people are bored. You could design the most eye-catching flyer color schemes and pack your flyer with the most engaging materials and products imaginable, but if you put them in the lobby of a movie theater, no one will notice.


The Places


  1. The Bus Stop

Many people commute, and especially in large cities with effective mass-transit systems, those people rarely drive. When the buses are late, you might be waiting upward of a half hour for one to arrive, especially if you ran for the last one and missed it. As you wait for the next one, you take in the surroundings. If there are interesting flyer ads on the wall of the bus stop shelter, you can pass the time reading them.


  1. The Checkout Counter

You take pride in your employees’ efficiency, but during busy times, a line will form. People standing in line need something to occupy their attention, and grabbing a flyer about your latest promotion is an easy solution. Make sure the flyers you place at your checkout counters are easily noticeable and with a clear message. In other words, seize the opportunity to show what you offer and can do to your captivate audience. Remember, getting noticed by bored people is the most effective way to distribute flyers.


  1. The Post Office

We’ve all said, “I’ll mail this registered letter on my way to work,” and then noticed the 10-person lineup at the post office. If your well-crafted and attention-grabbing flyer is within reach or sight, then that person has something to read while waiting.


  1. The Laundromat

Although there is no line here, doing laundry means you’re going to be there for at least 90 minutes while you wash and dry. At the laundromat, you’re begging for things to capture your attention. Take the opportunity many won’t think of and promote your business at the same time. People at the laundromat will welcome the chance to read your flyer instead of the ingredients list on their detergent bottles.


How Effective Are Flyers for Marketing?

If you look only at the number of leads compared to flyers distributed, it might seem that flyers aren’t good for marketing. That’s not true, however. First, flyers don’t take much time to distribute, helping you spread your message without physically interacting with anyone. Even if the number of leads they generate isn’t a high percentage, though, the people who do respond do so right away. Flyers also let you show off your creativity. Lastly, some demographics respond well to the more traditional forms of marketing such as flyers because they remind them of the days when everything wasn’t in-your-face digital; flyers are undeniably tangible.


If you utilize the best places to put flyers, they’re the easiest way to generate leads in your marketing arsenal. Even better, they’re fun to make, and they allow you to distribute your brand message and company philosophy. Copy Bargain is available to help you customize and print some up for you. Give us a call to find out more.

More Than Eye Candy: The Purpose of Brochures

Purpose of Brochures

Yes, it’s true: Brochures must be attractive and attention-getting. You want to have that visual “wow” factor. But, that’s only one purpose of brochures. There’s a lot more to consider when putting together these valuable marketing materials. So exactly what is a brochure? The following content should be able to explain directly the answer to this question.

Effective Brochure Examples

A great brochure metaphorically prints “SEX!” at the top of its first page and then treats the rest of the pages as, “Now that I have your attention…”Brochures must impart information, motivate the urge to buy and be easily kept by prospective customers.

There are many types of brochureBrochures are often available in tri-fold, Z-fold, and double-gatefold designs, and they should be meticulously arranged to draw the eye and keep people’s attention. That’s because an effective brochure layout needs to have fonts that are easy on the eyes and graphics that are colorful and relevant.

The message must also be tailored to the audience and organized so that it emphasizes the most important information. By providing information in a way that shows appreciation and respect to your audience, you present the perception of value and motivate people to buy. For example, the main purpose of a company brochure should enrich the brand and market its products effectively. Any good company brochure example will make it easy to find the most important information at a glance.

A Sales Brochure Example

Let’s say that a fictional company called “Widget-O-Matic” designs a brochure for its new summer line of widgets. The company’s marketing director, Sue, knows that the key to successful brochures is customer interaction. Because Sue already did the requisite planning and research, she can follow the AIDA principle. AIDA stands for:


Grabbing attention isn’t about your stuff. It’s tough to face, but customers do not care about you, your company or your products. They care about themselves. So, Sue knows that she must make the attention-grabbing portion of the brochure about how her company and products can help them. This serves as the purpose of brochure design, making impact at first glance.

Sue then builds interest by selecting headlines inside the brochure that are, as shown by her research, important to the people of her target demographic. She uses positive images to go with those headlines, showing not only how Widget-O-Matic’s widgets will help her customers be more efficient but also why they will make them more money.

“These widgets can decrease your production costs by 25 percent.”

“Fortune 500 CEOs use these widgets to grow their businesses.”

Sue also knows that many of her brochure readers will respond poorly to dense, flowery language that seems like it came out of a college textbook. She focuses on readability and uses Flesch-Kincaid levels that match her target demographic’s reading preferences.

By tailoring the brochure design to the customer and showing how widgets will make them more money and better their lives and businesses, Sue creates desire in her customers and motivates them to get their own shiny set of widgets.

The purpose of Sue’s new brochure is to get the customer to buy. A strong call to action is mandatory, but there must also be some perceived additional value provided to spur the customer into buying. It could be a great discount, an ongoing widget loyalty program or even a set of how-to instructions to maximize profits by using or reselling widgets. As a last item, Sue has confidence in her products and therefore includes a money-back guarantee. By removing the risk of the purchase, Sue acknowledges the customer’s understandable concern about quality.


Start Using Brochures to Your Advantage

The benefits of a brochure, especially a quality brochure, can be immense. If you’re interested in more brochure writing examples and the purpose of brochures, or if you’d like to follow Sue’s example and order some brochures of your own, contact Copy Bargain today.

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