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Go Green With Business Cards This St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, one way you can catch the attention of customers while adding a holiday marketing twist and promoting a worthwhile lifestyle is to use the holiday to promote going green. Since more people are becoming aware of environmental and climate issues, this is a good way to connect with customers and show them that your company also cares about the environment. You can do this by incorporating green messages and concepts on your business cards. For redesigning standard company cards or designing customized business cards, these are some ideas to consider.


Business Cards With Green Tips

Depending on what you need to put on your business cards, you can print tips on the front or back. Collect some useful green tips and print a different tip on each card. To minimize space and preserve the visual integrity of the card, keep the tips concise. These are a few examples:

  • Walk or bike more often.
  • Love seafood? Only buy sustainable.
  • Light up your life with LEDs and CFLs.
  • Ditch aerosol sprays.
  • Be a conscientious water user.
  • Go paperless for communications.
  • Support brands that support the environment.

Business Cards With Green Incentives

When using this concept, you might consider offering a discount for proof of a customer’s green efforts. For example, you may decide to offer a discount on a future purchase to someone who makes a type of green purchase and provides a receipt. These are just a few examples:

  • Through March 31, get 5% off your purchase with proof of an LED bulb receipt.
  • Through March 31, get 10% off your purchase with any local recycling receipt.
  • Through March 31, get 20% off your purchase with any ENERGY STAR-certified appliance receipt.

You can use numeric dates and make the phrases shorter if you wish. When you pass out cards or instruct employees to pass them out, tell them to let recipients know about the promotion. If you are looking for a way to draw in more business, this is an innovative method of doing that. Also, it encourages business card recipients to hold onto them and share them with their friends.

Alternatively, you can use your business cards to provide a link to an online registration for a giveaway. For example, you may ask people to pass out more cards to help spread the word of an ENERGY STAR appliance giveaway. Print the link on the business card.


Business Cards With Green Facts

If you want to raise awareness of specific environmental issues, print green facts on your business cards. For instance, if you are passionate about preserving ocean reefs, you can print brief facts about deterioration that might spark customers’ interest and lead them to do more research. If your business has related products or an informational blog about such issues, add the relevant links right on your cards.


Business Cards With Green Charities

Business cards are an excellent way to bring awareness to a green charity that you support. If you want to win favor with business card recipients, you can indicate that your company supports a specific charity with all sales or provide a link to the organization so customers can check it out for themselves. Encourage readers to learn more by adding statements like these:

  • Help protect the rain forest.
  • Support ocean cleanup activities.
  • Help advocates protect natural resources.
  • Do your part to fund environmental research.

You can customize these for different types of organizations. By showing support for an environmental cause, you convey that your company cares about more than just profits. Today, most people prefer to work with companies that have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Show off your environmental CSR while encouraging others to join your efforts.


Choosing the Right Business Card Design

If you are going to promote going green with your business cards this St. Patrick’s Day, the design that you choose should reflect your message. Keep the design simple. For example, your logo and a green line, a green leaf or another green design that is small should suffice.

Also, the size and composition of the card are important. Choose a smaller or thinner card as using extra-thick paper counteracts the idea of preserving trees.

If this will be a major step for your company, consider writing a press release about your new cards to spark public interest and boost your marketing strategy. When you’re ready to launch this type of marketing campaign, Copy Bargain can help you print your bulk business cards quickly. We also provide speedy shipping to keep you on schedule. Don’t just wear green this St. Patrick’s Day – go green!


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Warm Your Customers’ Hearts This Valentine’s Day With Bulk Mailing

The holidays are the perfect time to offer special discounts and deals on your products and services. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may consider putting together an entire package of printed items for customers. Bulk mail allows you to easily distribute information about your company to everyone in your customer base.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, bulk mail makes it easy to let all of your customers know you care. Whether you want to send out flyers, postcards or brochures, Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion for sending paper mail to everyone on your list.


How Can Bulk Mailing Help Your Business?

Bulk mailing offers several benefits that you won’t get by sending hundreds of mailers out on your own. If you want to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, using a bulk mailing service or buying bulk mailing products can help in the following ways.

  1. The biggest benefit of sending mail in bulk is that it is cost-efficient. Paper mail is more expensive to distribute than electronic mail, but sending out bulk mail will reduce your cost per piece and save your business money.
  2. Using bulk mail products and services also saves time. As a business owner, you know time is money. The precious time you would spend packaging and shipping each mailer could be used to develop other parts of your business. Using a bulk mail service allows you to outsource busy work so you can home in on what matters most and focus on your skill set.
  3. Another advantage of bulk mail is that it allows you to send out messages to your prospective and existing customers. Once you’ve designed your mailer and formulated the copy, using a bulk mailing service is the easiest way to quickly get the word out about your brand. Bulk mail will help you build brand awareness in no time.
  4. You may be wondering why you should send out paper mailers instead of bulk mailing via email. If you really want to get your prospect’s attention, a beautifully crafted mailer is a better bet, especially on a holiday. Many people still enjoy receiving paper mail, so don’t underestimate the impact it can have on your business. Bulk emails tend to land in junk folders or are never opened.


Which Type of Mailer Should You Send?

The type of mailer you send makes just as much of an impact as what’s printed on it. Whether you want to send simple postcards or detailed catalogs, sending them in bulk is the most cost-efficient and time-saving way to go about it.

Postcards: These are perfect for a quick “hello” and special offer. An eye-catching image paired with a short and sweet message places your brand in the front of the customer’s mind. You can include a few details about any promotions your business is running on a postcard.

Flyers: If the message you want to send is too long to fit on a postcard, you can never go wrong with flyers. Flyers are the tried-and-true direct mail medium. They provide plenty of space to include compelling graphics and persuasive copy. Sending out flyers in bulk is one of the best ways to reach the hearts of customers.

Tri-fold brochures: If you need to break up your message into several parts, a tri-fold brochure may serve your business better than a flyer. Lightweight and sleek, brochures can help educate your customers about your services by giving them a brief overview of what you have to offer while also telling them your company’s unique story and helping you stand out from competitors.

Magazines/catalogs: If you really want to impress your customers, sending out a magazine or catalog is sure to get their attention. The weight of this type of mailer makes it difficult to ignore, and the recipient will enjoy flipping through it to check out your products. If you want to showcase your latest product collections, sending out a bulk mailing of catalogs is the best way to inform your customers about what’s hot in your store.


Spreading Brand Awareness

Mailing in bulk makes spreading brand awareness more convenient. It also allows you to save time and money without compromising on the quality of the message you are sending out to your customer base.

If you want to send high-quality postcards, flyers, brochures or catalogs to your customers this Valentine’s Day, Copy Bargain can help you distribute beautiful mailers to everyone on your list in a timely manner.

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A Modern Business Owner’s Guide to Postcards

When it comes to lead generation, one of the oldest marketing tactics remains one of the most powerful. Sure, the digital age has changed the way that businesses reach their customers, but mailing business postcards is still an effective marketing method.

Mailers allow businesses to reach potential customers directly at their homes. It is cost-effective and keeps things simple. Instead of bombarding customers with tons of information, business postcards can provide direct information. If designed properly they will engage the reader in a way that’s more effective than a typical advertisement.


Postcards Are Affordable

Television advertisements, online paid advertisements and radio station commercials all have one thing in common, they are expensive! Furthermore, they are not good marketing strategies for all businesses.

This has led many businesses today to find more cost-effective ways to reach potential customers as well as current clients. With postcards, you don’t have to waste money on multiple pages of paper, brochures or envelopes. This leads to a more affordable marketing approach that can target a niche audience. If you do some research before starting your campaign, you won’t need to send lots of copies to people who have no use for your services.


Postcards Grab Attention Quickly

When people go to websites, receive something in the mail or flip open a magazine, they tend to scan the pages. While this is generally bad for detailed content, this type of engagement is perfect for postcards. They eliminate the need for pulling the paper out of an envelope, get the message across quickly and utilize various types of formatting. Here are some postcard design tips to help you get a better grasp of things.

  • Colors not only grab attention, but they evoke feelings as well. Use them in a way that serves this purpose while working to the advantage of your marketing campaign.
  • Pictures can grab attention while supporting your overall brand image.
  • Graphics may help illustrate marketing messages better when pictures don’t work.
  • Jumbo postcards stand out when they’re received in the mail. Although the cost is a little higher, they do help boost engagement rates in most situations. To evaluate whether the increased cost is beneficial, you’ll want to see if using a jumbo postcard gets more responses.
  • Slick paper makes the postcard feel better in the client’s hand. It also helps recipients get a true feel for the level of professionalism your company embraces.


Postcard Mailings and Targeting

Unlike most of the other marketing avenues (such as television commercials, radio station ads and newspaper ad space), using postcards for marketing is a lot more targeted. In fact, it’s capable of targeting extremely specific audiences. This is vital for many types of businesses.

Marketers usually purchase mailing lists when they embark on a campaign of this type, and there are many different companies that specialize in compiling this type of data. The mailing lists are usually based on specific ZIP codes or a set of people with specific buying characteristics or habits. Other marketing avenues usually target a broader audience.

Mailing Business Postcards and Following Up

Depending on the type of business that’s embracing this form of marketing, customers and prospective customers can be given an 800 number to call or the company’s website. Remember, this is based on how important it is to talk with the recipients. If you don’t need to talk to the prospects on the phone, you can just redirect them to your website. You can also use an online chat feature where someone from your business will be able to talk with the customer.

If you’re using an 800 number for responses, you can either use a fully automated system (callers will leave their name, address and phone number) or send the calls directly to a live operator. The latter is better for when conversions need to be seen immediately.

If your website isn’t up and running yet and you still want to use the digital approach, you can send recipients to a landing page created specifically for the campaign. This could help deliver a customized approach and send prospective customers into a developed sales funnel that helps increase the value of each conversion.

Don’t forget, the results will only be as good as your marketing approach and material. At Copy Bargain, we can ensure you get the finest materials and perfect design, all in one package. You’ll get great conversion rates while minimizing the amount of money you have to spend.

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7 Benefits of Using Door Hanger Marketing to Get Your Message Across

Door hanger advertising is a form of local advertising that is still useful even in this new age of digital marketing. These colorful advertisements are placed directly on doorknobs where they’re sure to get noticed. Reaching out to customers in this tangible form is a compelling way to get the word out about your product or services. The best part is that you focus your marketing on the communities where your customers live. If you’re a small business with a local base, here are seven reasons why door hangers belong in your marketing strategy.


1. Your Message Is Highly Visible

When most people get home from work, they will grab the mail and sort out all the “junk” mail without even looking at it. Door hangers shine because of the unparalleled visibility of this form of advertising. The customer cannot ignore the message and will have to interact with the door hanger by physically removing it. They’re likely to at least look at it, which will increase your chances of reaching your target audience. Having the opportunity to be seen is what good marketing is all about, and there are very few methods that can ensure such a high level of visibility.


2. Affordable Way to Reach Customers

One reason that door hangers remain a popular option is they’re one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available to a small business. This is especially true if your customer base is very local. Door hangers can be ordered in batches that are appropriate for your needs. They can deliver significant results at a reasonable price when compared to other methods. Reaching the same number of customers with an ad on local television or a targeted digital marketing campaign would be more expensive and potentially less effective. For a small business with a limited marketing budget, door hangers are an excellent tool for reaching a large group of prospective customers at rock bottom prices.


3. Highly Targeted Marketing

You can’t get much more targeted or local than door hangers that are physically placed in the specific neighborhoods your small business wants to serve. Door hangers are a better investment for precise marketing than internet ads or print media. This benefit is particularly meaningful for smaller companies that are looking for ways to build up their presence in the local community. The more homes in your area that you reach, the higher your chances will be of getting in front of the right potential customers.


4. Increase Brand Recognition

Whether your business is new or already established, getting your name in front of potential customers is the key to effective marketing. A door hanger is a physical, tangible, memorable form of advertising. It will help you increase brand awareness and attract new customers who may not know about your business. Adding your brand to their knowledge base of local companies is crucial. Even if they don’t take advantage of this specific deal, they are more likely to remember you later on when they need your product or service. Door hangers are also an excellent way to refresh the memories of previous customers.


5. Flexible and Straightforward

Door hangers are an incredibly flexible method of marketing that can be useful in different scenarios. You have complete control over when the customer sees your message, which is helpful for time-sensitive campaigns like a holiday sale. You can also put together a campaign on relatively short notice, and they can be distributed door-to-door as soon as you have the materials. Knowing that your message will reach its intended audience almost immediately gives you a wide range of options for how to utilize this tool effectively.





6. Door Hangers Are Fully Customizable

The design for your door hanger campaign can fit your company’s precise branding needs, including an infinite variety of layouts, color schemes and fonts. They can be glossy, with full-color photos or graphics, and deliver your message in a creative and interesting way. You can also opt for practical features, like a business card slot or a designated coupon area that gets perforated.


7. Ideal for Actionable Marketing

Door hangers continue to prove their value through the unique advantage of being an excellent method to distribute coupons or discounts. You can design a campaign with an actionable offer that customers redeem with the physical door hanger. Being provided with a deal will be great motivation for the customer to save the door hanger and then head on over to take advantage of the offer.


Whether you use them to promote a special discount or introduce a new location, custom door hangers should not be overlooked. This form of direct marketing remains an excellent tool for getting your name in front of customers. Contact us at Copy Bargain today, and our designers will happily help you create an effective door hanger campaign.

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Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing: Which Reigns Supreme?

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

In the debate between traditional marketing versus digital marketing, opinions can be heated. Experts and influencers in both camps proclaim the “death” of one or more marketing channels on a regular basis, making it hard to know which is best for your business.

Is conventional marketing the way to go, or should you be upgrading to a completely online strategy? Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each method to determine the best channels for reaching your target audience.


Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

Firstly, here are some benefits of traditional marketing. When you want to reach a wide audience, traditional marketing gets the job done. Mediums like television, radio, magazines, newspapers and direct mail have been used for decades to bring branded advertising messages to customers as they go about their daily routines.

Because the strategies span so many different channels, it’s hard to pin down one traditional marketing definition. Think of it as using any “tried and true” method to connect with customers. Traditional ads are highly visible and accessible to a broad range of consumers, and your audience can’t “click away” like they could online. These ads also have staying power, making them beneficial as part of a long-term strategy.

However, tracking the effectiveness of print ads is often difficult. Feedback comes slowly, so it could be weeks or even months before you know your cost per lead and the relative amount of profit generated by an ad campaign. You also run the risk of missing your target market in the attempt to bring your brand’s message to a varied audience.


Drawbacks and Benefits of Digital Advertising

Marketing campaigns conducted via social media, email, pay-per-click ads, text messaging and other digital platforms are easier to track and provide faster feedback than traditional methods. When you put your message out through these channels, you open the door for two-way conversations with customers. Their reactions to your marketing messages arrive in real time, and you can make immediate tweaks to improve the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns. These apparent advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing can make campaigns easier to implement and brings your brand closer to your audience.

On the other hand, the fast pace and high turnover rate of the digital realm requires you to create far more content than traditional ads like flyers or brochures. Your content is always in danger of being overwhelmed by the messages of competitors, and the algorithms dictating visibility on social networks are constantly changing. Plus, if customers don’t like your messages or your products, their negative feedback can damage the reputation of your brand and threaten relationships with your target audience.


Deciding Between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

From traditional marketing to digital marketing, all successful advertising campaigns begin with a solid knowledge of your target audience. The age range, shopping habits and media preferences of the people to whom you’re marketing should dictate where you spend the majority of your ad budget. However, because today’s consumers have a habit of switching seamlessly between traditional and digital channels, the best approach is to create a balance between the two with a blended advertising strategy.

Test different digital vs traditional channels, such as sending out a direct mail postcard campaign with a call-to-action directing recipients to your website or delivering a coupon usable at your physical location via SMS. A mix of strategies allows you to reach both a wide range of potential customers and targeted segments of your audience. Adopting this approach means you don’t have to choose exclusively between traditional marketing versus digital marketing to generate leads and expand your reach.

Power up your dual strategy with high-quality conventional marketing materials from Copy Bargain designed to grab attention and draw customers to your business.

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